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Topics: Emotion, Motivation, Psychology Pages: 4 (1222 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Chapter 8 Vocabulary
1.Emotion - A four part process that involves physiological arousal, subjective feelings, cognitive interpretation, and behavioral expressions-all of which interact, rather than occurring in a linear sequence. Emotions help organisms deal with important events. 2.Display rules - the permissible ways of displaying emotions in a particular society. 3.Lateralization of emotion - Different influences of the two brain hemispheres on various emotions. The left hemisphere apparently influences positive emotions (for example, happiness), and the right hemisphere influences negative emotions (anger, for example). 4.James-Lange Theory - The proposal that an emotion-provoking stimulus produces a physical response that, in turn, produces and emotion. 5.Cannon-Bard Theory - The counter-proposal that an emotional feeling and an internal physiological response occur at the same time: One is not the cause of the other. Both were believed to be the result of cognitive appraisal of the situation. 6.Two-factor theory - the proposal claiming that emotion results from the cognitive appraisal of both physical arousal (Factor 1) and an emotion-provoking stimulus. 7.Cognitive appraisal theory - Theory of emotion which theorizes that individuals decide on an appropriate emotion following the event. 8.Opponent-process theory - Theory of emotion which theorizes that emotions have pairs. When one is triggered, the other is suppressed (for example, when we feel happy, sad is the suppressed emotion). 9.Inverted U function - Describes the relationship between arousal and performance. Both low and high levels of arousal produce lower performance than does a moderate level of arousal. 10.Sensation seekers - In Zuckerman's theory, individuals who have a biological need for higher levels of stimulation than do other people. 11.Emotional intelligence - The ability to understand and control emotional responses. 12.Polygraph - A device that records or graphs many...
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