The Various Complainers

Topics: Complaint, Pleading, Service of process Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: September 30, 2013
The mainstream becoming of social media has had a colossal impact on the economics of everyday life and how businesses are conducted. There has been an observable surge in those using the social media to interact with brands. While queries, complaints and questions are mostly left unanswered, websites like Twitter do offer a reach that serves of pivotal importance. In cases of unsatisfactory experiences pertaining to goods and services, instead of contacting the relevant company’s customer support, a large portion of the market simply shift brands instead. The opportunities that would have added a significant boost to the revenue is lost. The classification of those making such complaints, however, becomes essential to gain a better insight on the behaviour of customers over the internet, particularly social media and according to the University of Florida, there are five distinct types of complainers segregated as: The Meek Customer

Amongst the most patient of all customers, the Meek ignores various little shortcomings and raises voice only in case of a disastrous experience. Satisfying their ego is relatively easy and a public apology is sufficient enough to rectify the situation. This also results in potential passive brand advocates. The Aggressive

True to its name, the Aggressive is highly conscious and complains in a whim coupled with extremely flamboyance. The best way to deal with the Aggressive kind is by taking them offline via direct messaging or email to maximize damage control. Attentively listening to their complaints and agreeing to the problem is important. Ensure them of a good solution and point out the necessary procedures required to undo the complaint. Making up excuses behind the mistake is detrimental and will only worsen the Aggressive’s emotions. Good support increases chances of a loyal fan over the social realm. The High-Roller

Customers belonging to this category tend to have high expectations from the quality of service...
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