The Use of Prohibited Drugs Among De La Salle University Students

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The Use of Prohibited Drugs Among De La Salle University Students

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Professor Jose Luis Legaspi

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Linnie Faith C. Basilio
Alexander M. Centeno
Aldric Mathew Go
Trisha Camille R. Goyena
Sofia Agnes R. Labrador
Daniel Geoseph C. Ng Tio
Karlsten Patrick U. Ong
Rajiv Kent P. Sidhu
Ana Margaret Wei Wei Y. Tan
Allen Lorenzo P. Tolentino

April 8, 2014
I. Introduction
Background of the Study
At this day and age, drug use is spreading more and more especially among teenagers. This research paper has the purpose of finding out what the students know about the use of prohibited drugs. It includes how often they use them or the time intervals of their usage. It also seeks to find out the various influences that drives students to use prohibited drugs and who are the people they use it with. These are some of the factors that this paper will target to research upon.

The importance of this study is related to the effects of the use of prohibited drugs on teenage students because knowing that they are still in the process of growing up and maturing, there are a lot of possible negative effects that prohibited drug use could bring about. One negative effect could be relative to their studies because students will not get to function properly if prohibited drugs are used continuously. This is one of the reasons why the study wants to find out how the behavior of students work towards prohibited drugs.

This study will also be the base foundation of the projects of the students taking ADVOCPR under Mr. Dela Rosa. This study will yield different information about the usage of prohibited drugs of students and with that data, ADVOCPR students may come up with different interventions and programs that will help in handling this problem.

Flowchart and Analysis
First, the group will determine the sample size and who will be the respondents for this research. Once the group has identified the possible respondents for this research, the group will make a survey questionnaire to be used as a guide when conducting this research. The questionnaire will then serve as a guide during data collection. The group will analyze the gathered data by using charts and graphs, and the results will be used as a basis for making a conclusion.

The objective of this study is to know if there are students in De La Salle University who take prohibited drugs and whether they are aware of the possible consequences that comes with it. The researchers would also like to know what factors drove these students in taking prohibited drugs and what possible actions could be taken by the university to prevent from letting these students to continue taking prohibited drugs.

Scope and Limitations
This study will be conducted through face-to-face interviews with 50 students of De La Salle University who have said yes that they know of someone who is a student of DLSU who takes prohibited drugs. We will not take into account those who answered no that they know of someone who takes prohibited drugs in DLSU as it has no significance on the study.

II. Methodology
Research Design
This study is conducted using descriptive research design. With research design, we are able to get information on the current status of people who indulge themselves in drugs. Then with this information can we get relationships and connections towards the students and the variables that influence the drug users around De La Salle University. We will use surveys in order to gather information. The surveys will be administered personally through interview. Questions written on the survey are clear to be answered and they are constructed properly as to not get wrong information.

Sampling Method
For this research, the group will be using Convenience Sampling wherein our respondents would come from our age group which is between 16-25 years old who are...
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