Drug-Testing Scheme

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction / Pages: 2 (408 words) / Published: Mar 9th, 2013
Should random drug-testing scheme be made compulsory for all school? This must be a question for many of the public.

In the past few days, there were more and more news about teenagers taking drugs and were set to the emergency ward. There was also information showing that teenager drug addicts have increased 25 percent comparing to last year. It’s a horrible phenomenon and I do agree that it is essential to make every school involved into this drug-testing scheme for the following reasons:

Firstly, taking drugs is all-too-familiar especially among teenagers nowadays. Some of them have been taking drugs which are harmful to their health for a long time. This will cause serious health problem to them gradually in which they don’t even know themselves. When others see their symptoms of drug-taking, it is already too late to help them. Therefore having all of the students taking the test, knowing who are having this “unhealthy habits” can help them to get away with that immediately.

Secondly, student taking drug will affect in many aspects. For example, it will make them less attentive during classes which will affect their studies. It will also affect the other students as youngsters are easily influenced by their peers, which then help spread the trend of drug abuse in the school, worsening the problem. If drug-testing is being promoted, it will help solve the problem and prevent the trend from spreading more seriously. Thirdly, if all schools are restricted to have the drug-testing, this won’t in a way labeling some schools. Not like nowadays, we are just having it tested in Tai Po district which will mislead people. Making thoughts like only those districts’ school have been having tested and they aren’t school which parents can rely on so they shouldn’t send them to those schools.

Moreover, in order to take the drug-testing in action for all school, I suggest the government should set up two new organizations to deal with the problem.

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