The Use Of Cell Phone

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The Use of Cell phone
Mobile phone use has become a very common phenomenon, and people mostly depend on cell phones for communication. The cell phone is probably the most accepted and widely used communication devices in nowadays. A mobile phone is a phone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic territory (Wikipedia). Cell phone has influenced people’s lives in many different ways: Provides communicate with friends, family, and coworkers, in case of emergency, and purchasing from the internet.

First of all, cell Phones make it easy to contact family and friends, especially for users who travel a lot. Cell phones have SMS, which means short messages service, and instant messaging such as Facebook, which is an app that provides chatting, sharing pictures and events, which encourage communication between individuals and allow users to stay in more or less constant contact. Approximately, 350 billion text messages, which are also called “SMS messages”, are sent every month across the worlds mobile networks even though more than 15% of these messages are classified as commercial or marketing messages (Grab stats).

Second of all, cell phone service is very often used in the emergency services for doctors, policemen and firemen, and most doctors and nurses who are in constant contact they rely on mobile phones. The same type of communication is used in fire departments and police departments. When they need more staff they can easily contact them even when they are not at home. Cell phones make emergency services more efficient and are vital for individuals. Indeed, when people are in emergency situations, they can call for help no matter where they are. For example, if people have a car accident on the highway, they can call Highway Patrol for help. Morover, tourists who get lost can easily use his cell phones to call service center. Therefore, tourists can access to information such as right...
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