Cell Phone Use

Topics: Mobile phone, Education, High school Pages: 4 (1475 words) Published: March 13, 2013
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Crystal Abreu
Mrs. Lehman
English IV/3A
13 March, 2013
Cell Phones in the Classroom
Brian Shane wrote that “a growing number of schools are turning to the smart phones students bring with them to school as an instructional device that can augment classroom learning” (Smart Devices Make for Smart Kids). Many people would vote against this decision considering it may be a big distraction in the classroom; but everyone must face the fact that smart phones are not going away. Instead, they are only becoming more popular day by day. They become a helpful tool when researching topics, they have many apps that can help educationally, and if used in the proper way it can even enhance the learning process in the classroom. Eston Melton, an assistant principal at West Potomac High School in Alexandria said “Students can better internalize their lessons when they’re doing them on their own personal smart phones or tablets” (Smart Devices Make for Smart Kids). For these reasons, many schools have begun to allow cell phones in the class room for educational purposes. Due to the fact that cell phones help students in many ways during school hours, cell phone use should be allowed in classrooms all around.

Cell phones in the classroom would make things much easier for us when it comes to having to research a certain topic or look up answers when we are given certain questions instead Abreu 2
of using a heavy textbook. Cell phones are also much easier to carry around in our pockets than having to carry around a 10 pound book from class to class. A Science teacher from Assabet stated: “the apps offer an easy way to do research, solve problems quickly and motivate students” (Smart Devices Make for Smart Kids). As noted, it makes it not only easier for students, but also more motivational. When having to use a textbook students become less motivated because of the fact that searching through a text book can be very time consuming and not always efficient. When...
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