The United States in Comparison to Other Countries

Topics: United States, Demography, Life expectancy Pages: 4 (1667 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Growing up in a time where the different methods of media are at an all-time high, it can be difficult to get an accurate view on the United States of America and everything that also goes on in the countries surrounding it. Because of the media’s bias, anyone living in the United States might easily think that America is superior to every other country in any possible category, including education, employment, and wealth. In reality, the United States isn’t at the top of its game. Many other countries are defeating the United States by a very large amount. This however, doesn’t mean that the United States isn’t above a large amount of other countries. Although the United states has an outstanding literacy rate of 99% over the past 8 years for both males and females, it also has a not so great unemployment rate that has only been getting worse of the course of 8 years, going from only 4% to 9%. Although America pushes for a high education, there aren’t enough jobs to provide for all of the fields people are going to school for. The money that is being spent on education is slowly going to waste. The United States has a GDP of $15.09 Trillion. Contrary to popular belief, a country’s GDP does not reflect its wealth. The GDP represents how much a country has produced in goods. A better way to find the wealth of people in a country would be finding the GDP per capita. The United States currently has a GDP per capita of $49,000 (recorded in 2011). In 2003, the United States had a GDP per capita of $34,000. The GDP per capita measures the average income per person in a country. On terms of health, the United States is functioning highly. The average life expectancy in 2003 was 77 years old. In 2011 the average life expectancy of a male was 76.05 years old and females had an expectancy of 81.05 years. Infant mortality isn’t an issue in the United States. In 2003 the infant mortality rate was 7 deaths for every 1000 live births. In 2011 the infant...
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