Why America Will Remain a Superpower

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Why America Will Remain a Superpower
Daryl Waldron
September 29, 2014
Lisa Hunt
Why America Will Remain a Superpower
It seems that I can’t turn on the news without being bombarded with opinions and gossip about the so called inevitable decline of the United States as a superpower. Every day there is more bad news about the United States that only appears to confirm this idea. The country appears chaotic, with civil unrest in certain areas, government shutdowns, weak economic recovery, and the ever evolving terrorist threat that has placed our foreign affairs under constant scrutiny, as well as caused our country to spy on itself resulting in scandal. However, if we consider the health and happiness of every powerful country, we can see that the theory of decline stems from a narrow and subjective view. America still leads the world in technological advancements, immigration, finances and military strength. The up and coming superpowers such as China and India aren’t as strong as their numbers would suggest. These countries are far overpopulated, with a large portion of their populations located in impoverished areas. Russia, for all of its strength and size, has made a large move towards isolation from the world market and while that country is rather large, much of that area is uninhabited and its population is spread out. The potential challengers for the title have plenty of their own problems that will keep them from becoming true superpowers, and America has plenty going for it (despite the naysayers) that will help us to hold the position now and far into the future. Thinking critically about the question of America as a super power caused me to ask questions like why do so many people feel like America is declining, and who is making these statements? I found that the majority of this type of statement is coming straight from very biased media. This sort of opinionated media coverage is typically right wing propaganda that uses...
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