Rome vs America

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Rome vs. America
All world powers assert their influence throughout the world by exerting their cultural, economic, diplomatic, or military strength. Of those fur characteristics, however it’s easiest to see the effects that arise when a nation employs its military. By far the least subtle means of establishing supremacy, military conquest is the most direct force used. Nations great enough to be determined a “superpower” has always asserted its power with at least some military might. One of the most admired empires in this regard was the Roman Empire, which showed the importance of an efficient professional military in subjugating and controlling other countries. The American “empire” (for lack of a better word) is a current superpower often compared with Rome, with good reason. Both nations overthrew their suppressive monarchs and gained sovereignty through revolution. America and Rome developed as world powers principally through military conquest. Both nations even declined due to their over reliance of military and the mismanagement of the country’s military finances in their budgets. The Roman Empire and the United States both rose and fell due to their reliance on their military.

Rome and America started their route to domination in a similar fashion .Though little is known about the specifics of Rome’s foundation, it is often noted as 753 B.C. Between its founding and 509 B.C., Rome was used by seven kings, of which at least three where Etruscan The end of the monarchy was sparked by Tarquin the Proud’s tyrannical rule, during which he executed many of his opponents and ruled through his own will as an autocrat. His tyranny along with his invasion of the Volscians, a tribe inhabiting southeastern Latium, contributed to the revolts occurring in Rome at the time. Isaac Asimov notes that, “Tarquin was exiled in 509...

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