The Trouble with Television Analysis

Topics: Attention span, Mind, Human Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: March 6, 2013
What is the trouble with television? In MacNeil’s article, “The Trouble with Television,” he states that television discourages concentration. MacNeil wrote this article around thirty years ago, so one may ask of the article’s validity today. The claim that television discourages concentration still contains its prior validity today. The variety of different shows becomes somewhat of a narcotic (280, 1, 1). People constantly have a guide through the many wonders of this world in 30 minute to one hour programs. People hold the inability to focus on an actual tour in this generation, so they resolve to go to cartoons and whatnot to take a subconscious tour of the world. People watch things such as American Dad, where the main character works for the CIA; the main character takes you on an un-educational tour throughout his world. We have about ten minutes of the program, and then we receive a break so our tiny attention spans can recover during commercials. We don’t concentrate because programs give us no reason to do so. Commercials crave your attention with small details, but they don’t need to keep it for very long. Commercials are short, colorful, and made for simple minded creatures; they don’t provoke your thoughts. The HP commercial that plays “Too Close” by Alex Clare provides a fine example. Techno music gives the commercial a catchy tune and the flashing colorful pictures makes people not think, just want to buy. The makers of the commercials add an appeal, whether it’s sexual appeal or the bandwagon effect. People don’t face a challenge in any way with commercials when it comes to focus. Television has become a mindless habit. If one were to observe a child watching television, they could see the child’s blank expression and distant stare. Their minds constantly switch gears to match the program’s constant change of action. One sees this very often in children, especially as a babysitter. Working with children provides the ability to observe...
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