The Transatlantic World

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The Transatlantic World

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August 20, 2013

The Transatlantic World

Europeans explored most of the world during the early modern period. The early modern period played a part in defining the centuries during that time. Although each explorer expressed different levels of motivation, their increased efforts expanded the Europeans knowledge of the people and lands of the world. Also, explorers brought about great continents along with their inhabitants to make contact with Europe. In the late fifteenth century began the Age of Discovery, yet for several centuries the Europeans have been studying familiar areas and boundaries prior; encouraged by stories of Asia and Africa having riches in distant kingdoms. Moreover, they could be seen only looking for the means and ways that were helpful in moving towards advancement and modernization. This is a fact that can be illustrated under the presence of innumerable examples pertaining to the efforts and explorations of the Europeans. The Portuguese exploration of the Atlantic coast of Africa was not less than a remarkable discovery. Similarly, in the field of ecology, agriculture, and science the Europeans and Americans were developing day by day and this was the reason that also triggered them to initiate the start of the new world in which people were able to lead their lives by getting benefits of the various facilities resulted by the technological and industrial developments. By the sixteenth century, as the Reformation picked up steam and began spreading radical religious ideas throughout Christendom, already some European kingdoms had begun applying Renaissance inventions to new economic opportunities: Exploration (Grantham University, 2013). Exploration helped to discover new economic opportunities that have made an impact on today’s modern world. Due to mercantilism and unity of trading partners, the economic world has become prosperous in foreign trade. The process of...
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