the tragedy of juliues ceasar

Topics: Julius Caesar, Ancient Rome, Roman Republic Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: September 19, 2014
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

The Play The Tragedy of Julies Caesar by William Shakesphere is about a new king named Caesar, who is trying to come into power. But out of fear and envy one of his best friends Brutas stabs and kills him to death. One of his other friends Marc Antony gives a speech at his funeral. In his speech he uses rhetorical strategies to get through to the People of Rome. In Antony’s speech he begins by explaining his purpose for speaking at Caesar’s funeral. Antony tells the crowd , ‘‘I come to bury Caesar not give him praise (3-2-83)”. He says this because he knows that the Roman People at the moment think of Caesar as a bad person who deserved his misfortune of being murdered by the conspirators. During the time Antony was reminding people what Brutas said prior to him, he uses Ethos, which is when an author builds credibility and Trustworthiness, for example Antony says, “The noble Brutas hath told you Caesar was ambitious. If it were so it was a grievous fault, and grievously hath Caesar answered it (3-2-78/81)”. He’s basically saying that he’s letting the Plebian know even though Caesar was a good friend, he got what he deserved and basically he was asking to die. Next, Antony uses Logical reasoning. An example of this is when Marc Antony tell the Plebian all of the good things Julius has done . By him mentioning the good he have done, changes the plebians thought as to why they considered him to be ambitious. When Antony reads the will, he tells the plebians, “Moreover, he hath left you all his walks, his private arbors, and new planted orchards, on this side Tiber; he hath left them to you, unto your heirs forever: common pleasures to walk abroad and recite yourselves (3-2-248/251)”. Basically he is saying that the conspirators had no reason to kill Caesar. They claimed he was ambitious, but Antony showed he was quite the opposite. Lastly Antony uses Emotional appeal which is basically persuading...
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