The Trade Relations Among Europe and Africa, Asia and America

Topics: Trade, Civilization, Europe Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: April 4, 2010
Before 1500, Europeans had already established a trading network with Africa, Asia and America. The products that they traded during that time period included food clothing, weapons and other goods. Today their trading networks are very sophisticated and connect to every corner well to every other aspect of the planet. Trading became an essential part for our society to function and prosperous into what it has become today. Some might think that today’s trading landscape came from the Europeans around 1500, but they were just eager to establish trades with countries who were just as eager to purchase European goods. However, this statement is incorrect. The reality was that not every country was willing to purchase their products, but many of the Europeans were eager to buy products from other countries. In this paper, I will show how the above statement and its flaws. European countries have a rich civilization. For example, they have a wide variety of food, a huge collection of art work and a number of different customs inlcuding multiple languages. Their possession of these qualities made them become the modern civilization popular at that time. Therefore, if a country that was less civilized started using their products, that country might be modernized at a faster pace. Therefore, the Europeans were helping other countries when they traded with them. However, their good deeds were not accepted by other countries. Not every country was interested in European goods. For example, China resisted importing foreign goods to their country at that time. This was because the government did not want foreign culture to affect their already rich civilization, as China’s history could be traced back to 3000 years ago. Also, African countries, although they were not civilized at all, were not receptive at buying European goods. Tribes from Africa were scattered everywhere. Most of these tribes were self-sufficient as in their advanced ability to produce their own...
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