Comparisons and Contrasts of Asian and European Empires

Topics: China, Qing Dynasty, Tang Dynasty Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: November 2, 2005
Comparisons and Contrasts of Asian and European Empires
Foreign trade is one of the most important aspects of Asian and European Empires. Without trade, these empires would not have flourished in the manner that they did. Many different factors played a role in developing trade in their cultures. As various empires ruled from 2000 BC to 1911 in Asia and Europe, trade has had a major influence in the development of those cultures as seen today. The nation that has the most success in trading becomes the strongest nation and will last the longest.

The three major Muslim Empires, located in South and Southwest Asia were; the Mogul Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Persian Empire. The first empire, the Mogul Empire, was developed in the 1100s. Culturally, this empire became most famous because of its immaculate trade and flourishing classical arts. The main amount of trading for the Moguls was done with the Chinese, who traded silk and porcelain for gunpowder and paper. Secondly was the Ottoman Empire, which originated in Asia Minor in the late 1200s. The Ottomans controlled most of the Mediterranean Sea and shared diverse trading relationships with other nations and cultures around that area. Suleiman I was the greatest ruler during the Ottoman Empire. Their trade contrasts with that of the Chinese trade because the first ten dynasties of China traded over a wide region and the Ottomans only traded in the region of cultures near their own. The next empire to evolve was the empire of Persia. Persian control began in what is now present day Iran in the 1500s. Persian rulers forced the Shiite form of Islam into their empire. The strict rulers, however, expanded trade throughout the areas where Muslims lived. The three greatest rulers of the Persian Empire were Ismail, Shah Abbas, and Nader Shah. Ismail formed the empire. Shah Abbas strengthened the military. Nader Shah expanded the empire to its greatest ruling ever.

Chinese dynasties strived on a central...
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