The Time and Big Toyota Truck.

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My idea of a fun weekend is going to the lake with my family. We have a camper up there and a boat.

When we go to the lake we bring the boat and the entertub.I drive the truck and the boat a lot. We tack the dogs and the guns and go shooting it is really fun. I love sitting by the fire with my dogs and family. In the moorings I go fishing or go on a hike with my dog Lucy the other dogs name is Dozer that is my sister’s dog. It is really cool than thar is waters falls and a lot of little crick’s and deer. Thar is deer every ware, they eat out of your hand. The only reason thar is a lot of deer thar is because thar is no hunting.

The lake has a dock and a swimming area you can swim out to the dock it is really cool even in the mornings it is cold but nice at the same time. One time we went on a drive and got the jeep stuck in the mud it was pretty funny but my dad wasn’t laughing. One time he let me drive the jeep, and I got stuck? Yeah, it wasn’t very funny when I had to push it out. Well back to my fishing stories, in the morning’s I go fishing but most of the time I don’t catch anything. The only time I catch something is when I put a hot dog on my line, I was pretty happy. I hope i go this summer it is so beautiful. It is really wired because you can’t have camp fires in the summer time but we do it anyway. There was a really cool trail it leads strait to the lake and back to the camper. Next time I want to take the mudder, it is just a really big Toyota truck. it has a 4 inch lift kit I bought it for 1500 it had a blown motor so we pot a 350 in it and it works pretty good it wood be really good on the trails, we tried it out in the task and the tire fell off but we fix it. Now that was an exciting weekend
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