The Theme for the Welcome Table

Topics: Black people, White people, Miscegenation Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: January 14, 2013
JANUARY 7, 2013

The Welcome Table
“The Welcome Table” engages the reader in inter-racial issues from a sociological and moral perspective that is brought to life in the symbolism and point of view. The author uses such colorful words that it allows the reader to actually embrace the feelings of the character.

The theme of “The Welcome Table” is when I get to heaven. The very beginning of the story talks about everything the old lady is going to do when she gets to heaven: I’m going to sit at the
Welcome Table
Shout my troubles over
Walk and talk with Jesus
Tell God how you treat me
One of these days! (Alice Walker, 1970)
What is the welcome table? The welcome table is a place where it does not matter who you are or what you have, your color or your sex; it is okay to come on in. Shout my troubles over; I no longer have to deal with the foolishness it is over Walk and talk with Jesus: He is the ultimate, sharing with him everything Tell God how you treat me: I am concern about how your children (Christians) are treating me. One of these days: When I come home with you. (Heaven)

The beginning of the story is a perfect example of symbolism. Symbolism is something that stands for or represents something else. There were several good examples of symbolism in this story. “Under the old woman’s arm they placed there hard fist (which afterward smelled of decay and musk---the fermenting scent of onion skins and rotting greens). The words the author uses actually jump from the page to your nostrils. I could smell the aroma of musk as I read that part of the story.” When they passed by her house, forlorn and sagging, weather beaten and patched”. (The Welcome Table) It sounds as though the house is in horrible condition, and I can see it in my imagination. The story was told in third person omniscient....

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