The Swimmer

Topics: Season, Short story, John Cheever Pages: 3 (662 words) Published: November 16, 2013
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̒The Swimmer ̓: The Symbolism of the Seasonal Change

KAA/AJC1 Freshmen composition

9th December 2012

This essay will focus on John Cheever ̓s short story ̒ The Swimmer ̓ (1964), specifically on its symbolism of the seasonal change. The following paragraphs aim towards showing that the seasonal change which frames the whole story symbolizes the protagonist ̓s life journey that deteriorates in proportion to the season.

The opening paragraph introduces ̒one of those midsummer Sundays ̓ (Cheever 776) in which the story is set. It precedes the storm which is coming and framing the whole story by describing the ̒massive stand of cumulus cloud ̓ (776) on the west. The changing seasons symbolise the time because it expresses the protagonist ̓s personal change during the time. At the beginning of the story the protagonist is ̒compared to a summer ̓s day ̓ (776), he is a man in a great physical condition with a youthful and fresh appearance. As the story progresses, the weather deteriorates and also the protagonist ̓s qualities change and his imperfections and failures are more and more visible. In the first half of the story everything is bright and flowering, so as Neddy ̓s world and mood. People are friendly, he has a lovely wife and four daughters and he is happy. This summer weather symbolizes a part of his life, the happy and optimistic part.

The second half begins with the thunder, which is followed by Neddy ̓s bad mood and comments of his friends who mention his misfortunes. The thunder might also symbolize the twist in Neddy ̓s life. The sun and the shine of the summer day have been replaced by darkness, storm and rain. Unlike the summer part of the story which refers to his happy part of life, the second, autumnal part shows his failures. He is becoming more and more exhausted, cold and...

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