The Sundarban Forest: Longest Sea Beach of the World

Topics: Bangladesh, Bengal, Tiger Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: April 7, 2011
The Sundarbans Forest is the largest collection of tidal halophytic mangroves in the world. The Sundarbans Forest encompasses 10,000 sq km with 60% of it in Bangladesh and the remaining forest in West Bengal, India.

The Sundarbans Forest is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. The Sundarbans provide a unique ecosystem and series of habitats for a wide variety of wildlife. In addition to the tiger, 42 species of mammals, 35 reptiles and amphibians, 270 species of birds, and over 120 species of fish. Many of these are endangered. A single natural gift may easily change the destiny of Bangladesh. This is the Sundarbans. For an international vacationer, a trip to Bangladesh can never be complete without seeing the majestic Sundarbans. Being one of the most beautiful and pristine lands of beauty and charm, the Sundarbans offers everything that a travel destination can provide. Some of its special features are its evergreen flora, rare fauna, buzzing cruise, entertaining cultural life and unique local cuisine. With the lowest airfare in Asia, it is now very easy for international travellers to reach the spot via Dhaka and Chittagong.

The Sundarbans is competing with many new natural wonders round the world. The title of natural wonder is urgent for branding Bangladesh.

The web address to vote for it is: An e-mail address will be needed to vote. More and more votes and publicity in its favour are needed for it to keep the top position until the next one year.

The authorities concerned and various agencies should take the following measures:

- Raising nationwide awareness.
- Involving the Indian authorities through govt. channels.

- Ensuring the constant support of the media and mobile companies. - Declaring awards for voting agents.
- International lobbying.
- Forming a national council with assigned responsibilities.

Why should we vote for the Sundarbans? Many Bangladeshis may raise this question. The answer is: the coming days...
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