The Summary of and Response to “the Trouble with Talent” by Kathy Seal

Topics: High school, Innate intelligence, Test Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: September 22, 2012
The Summary of and Response to “The Trouble with Talent” by Kathy Seal

In “The Trouble with Talent”, Kathy Seal, who frequently writes about children and education in magazines, wrote about the way of education in the U.S. which only focused on the value of inborn aptitude could breed children to become artful people and waste many of American children’s potential. At the beginning of this article, Seal told about an experiment of Jim Stigler, who was a UCLA psychologist, which tested the persistence of Japanese and American children by solving the math problem. While the American kids solved the problem for a short time and quickly gave up, the Japanese kids still kept on their work. Stigler stated that Asian education focused to the hard work which they believed that is one of the important factors to gain successful things. Whereas, Americans thought that achievement was produced by innate intelligence. Moreover, Stigler researched the math-test scores between American and Asian schools and realized that the scores of Asian school were higher than the scores of American schools as a result of working hard. Also, Seal asserted American education often assigned the curriculum according to children’s ability and reported that Jeff Howard, the social psychologist, president of the Efficacy Institute, Massachusetts, insisted, ““Kids always know who the teacher thinks is very smart, sorta smart and kinda dumb…The idea of genetic intellectual inferiority is rampant in American society…”” (p.212). However, Carol Dweck, a Columbia University psychologist, emphasized that it was dangerous when Americans thought geniuses are born rather than made because she realize that the kid who had believed “born smart” got bad test scores in her research. Also, considering intelligence as an innate ability would make children become quitters and afraid take difficult tasks. Because of getting more American genius, Seal argued that Americans shouldn’t focus to natural...
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