The Structure of the Hotel Industry

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What Are the Differences in Organizational Structures?

Organizational structure development is driven by an organization's type. According to Lamar University, organizational structure is, “the formal system of task and reporting relationships that controls, coordinates, and motivates employees so that they cooperate to achieve an organization's goals.” Depending on the type of business or organization, the organizational structure will be developed differently. For example, if you were running a local police department, the organizational structure would be very different from the structure used to run a department store. The type of structure used in a organization has the potential to increase or prohibit productivity.

The differentiation organizational structure is a team-based, functional approach. The structure separates the company into different teams that are specialized to accomplish a specific task. This is commonly seen in departments within a company. The company separates employees into an information technology department, customer service department and marketing department that confines each to specific tasks. The teams to do not interconnect or cross departmental lines to maintain order and control.

Divisional organizational structure overlaps teams and skills in order to accomplish a task. This structure allows different departments to interconnect to utilize the different skills in team members on different teams. For example, if a customer is talking with a representative from the information technology (IT) department about a technical issue, a customer service representative may be needed to first listen and gather the information to relay to the IT specialist. The teams work together to increase productivity.

Tall organizations have many levels from the executives down to the entry-level positions. Tall organizations commonly use an authoritative leadership approach where leadership makes executive decisions that are communicated through management with the expectation of employees following directions without questions. This structure limits feedback from employees and does not encourage free-thinking or critical thinking. This type of structure is seen in the military. An office gives a command and the soldiers are expected to respond immediately, without question.

Flat organizations have fewer levels of management and leadership and incorporate employees into the decision-making process and daily affairs of the business. A democratic or delegative leadership structure places the emphasis more on the members of the organization than the leadership. Democratic leadership pulls team members into the decision-making process for help on brainstorming, feedback and improving company policy and procedures. Delegative structures assign tasks to different teams and allow the teams to make decision on their own without consulting leadership.

What Is Hotel Organizational Structure?

A hotel organizational structure is a comprehensive plan by a hotel owner to define departmental activities and responsibilities. This structure brings order to every aspect of hotel operation from the front desk and room service to the human resources department. Hotel organizational structures are necessary to ensure maximum profitability from each room, restaurant and bar on a daily basis. Your hotel can run efficiently if it creates an organizational structure that is easy to understand.

A hotel's organizational structure is useless without an initial listing of organizational objectives. These objectives address internal and external affairs for the hotel so that the goals it sets forth can be achieved by appropriate personnel. An internal objective for a hotel may be weekly meetings between department heads to communicate operational problems. External objectives within a hotel organizational structure may include recruitment goals for seasonal...
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