The Strength and Weaknesses of the Stock Management System of the BDU

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1 Introduction
First of all we want to introduce the general idea of the system that we are going to develop. This is a few about the stock and inventory management system in Bahirdar University. As technology progresses, new applications emerge replacing older, less efficient and less effective ones. As all other organization, the stock management system on non renewable part in the Bahirdar University has its own standard, mission, statement, vision, power, duties and other kind of views. According to the above we try to mention BDU has different kind of system such as library system, registrar system, and stock management system and so on. But we are going to develop the system on non renewable part of stock and inventory management system. The current system has its own strength and weakness, with current system those customers that have not access internet can be used by manually. This is strength that we are identifying from the current system. The current system has more weakness when compared to its strength. Some of the weaknesses are The customer waits long time to get service

The customer spend a lot of time because of the queue
A lot of paper work has to be done in a storing process which wastes a lot of time, paper and source. The product in the warehouse is not arranged properly and this will make life harder to search for the right product in specific time. 1.1 Document Purpose

This project purpose is to improve the previous system, which is manual stock and inventory system. Our system is new, computerized, and easy to use. We started this project with only one purpose that is making fast and good working system within BDU store.

1.2 Scope of the project
The scope of the project is confined within study, analysis, design and implementation part of inventory management system in Bahirdar University. This includes: Study of the existing inventory management system at Bahirdar University. Investigation of the drawbacks of the existing manual stock system. Analyze the functional and non-functional requirements of the system. Implement the new system using java or C++ methodologies

When we mean these, our system is concerned with not overall functionality of the stock management system in general but it concerned only to non renewable part of the stock management system in Bahirdar University.

1.3 Intended Audience and Document Overview
1. Store keeper
Material registration
Material distribution
Check receipts
Search existing materials file’s
Check items available in store

2. Developer

Store keepers :- this person is assigned to control all activities in BDU store. They have their own work division in there, such as inserting, checking, deleting and updating items info

2. Overall Description
2.1 Product Perspective
In previous stock system there is no computerized work system, Therefore, we preparing a new and self contained computerized system to facilitate the inventory system of BDU as modernised system.


Fig 2.1 overview of the system
2.2 Product Functionality
By the current inventory system store kipper can control all items in store by manually. In this system he/she register new items, check expiry items, check finished items, & prepare reports weekly, monthly & yearly. But all those responsibilities are given for store keeper & the system is difficult b/c it is manual system, and so many problems can happens rather than use of system, such as time losing, less security and others. Our system can play big roll to simplify all those problems. It has following main functions

consuming time
minimize difficultness load of work
develops computerized recordable system
to prepare timing reports

2.3 Users and Characteristics
In SMS (stock management system) the user...
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