The Stranger's Paradise

Topics: Complaint, Pleading, Mortgage Pages: 4 (1616 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
G.R. No. L-6515           October 18, 1954
DAGUHOY ENTERPRISES, INC., plaintiff-appellee, 
RITA L. PONCE, with whom is joined her husband, DOMINGO PONCE,  defendants-appellants.
Marcelino Lontok and Marcelino Lontok, Jr. for appellants.  Zavalla, Bautista and Nuevas for appellee.
The Daguhoy Enterprises, Inc., a local corporation, with principal office in the City of Manila filed in the Court of First Instance of the City Civil Case No. 15923 against Rita L. Ponce and her husband Domingo Ponce, for the collection of a loan of P6,190 with interest at 12 per cent per annum from June 24, 1950, plus P2,500 as attorney's fees and P34 as expenses of litigation. Defendant filed an answer admitting practically all the allegations of the complaint, set up affirmative defenses, and a counterclaim asking for the cancellation of the mortgage which secured the payment of the loan of P6,190. They also filed a petition for the inclusion of Potenciano Gapol as a third party litigant, at the same time filing a third party complaint against him asking for damages in the amount of P25,000. The plaintiff corporation answered the counterclaim and opposed the petition for the inclusion of a third party litigant. Thereafter, plaintiff corporation filed a motion for judgment on the pleadings which petition was opposed by the defendants. Then, on October 9, 1952, the trial court rendered judgment whose dispositive part we reproduce below: EN VIRTUD DE TODO LO EXPUESTO, el Juzgado dicta sentencia de acuerdon con los escritos, condemnando a los demandados a pagar a la demandante la suma de P6,190 mas sus intereses a razon de 12 por ciento anual desde el 10 de marzo de 1951 hasta su completo pago, mas P1,000 como honorarios de abogado y P34 como gastos de la incoaccion de esta demanda. Asi se ordena.

Defendants are now appealing from that decision.
The above-mentioned decision was rendered on the...
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