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the stephanie mohr case

Topics: Police, Law, Civil and political rights / Pages: 2 (400 words) / Published: Nov 4th, 2014
Stephanie Mohor, was a police officer and she was with the k-9 unit as well. On September 21, 1995, Stephanie was on patrol with her dog Valk, the area have had a lot of burglaries lately. So, Stephanie and her Sargent Anthony Delozier, got a call for back up when they arrived to the scene it was intense. The suspects were on top of a roof arguing with each other. They were ordered off the roof, suspects Ricardo Mendez, and Herrera Cruz, Mendez made move to flee the scene. Instantly Stephanie had followed protocol and released her dog to a standard “bite and hold”, which he did.
Both the suspects were charged with 4th degree burglary. Herrera Cruz pled guilty and was sentenced to time severed and deported back to Mexico. Mendez was convictive of illegally entering the U.S. and selling crack cocaine and was also deported to San Salvador.
Five years later the U.S Department of Justice announced that were going to indict Stephanie, for violating Ricardo Mendez’s civil right, by which she allowed her police dog to bite and hold his leg. The P.G County police training clearly states that if a felony suspect makes a move, their authorized to release the police dog. Substantially Stephanie Mohor, was acquitted.
The Civil Rights groups and the Amnesty International to the NAACP, declared the arrest “racist”, and demanded an investigation of Mohor, and the police department. There was a second trail against Stephanie and she was bombarded with scrutiny and unjustified allegation’s, which she was sentenced to ten years in prison.
In my opinion, I believe she was attacked by the justice system, which makes matters worse, because she was part of that justice system and they threw her under the bus. My reason for this because I think she had did us a justice and served our community as she was taught to do so. the government also wants to put the wrong people in jail for the wrong reasons . Now, Stephanie has been in prison for, four years now she has a son which misses terribly. Stephanie has sent out letters to people asking for help with donations by sending a tax- deductible contribution to the LAW ENFORCEMENT LEGAL DEFENCE FUND to help them appeal her case., if I had gotten this letter and the money I would definitely send them a donation.

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