The Sound of Music

Topics: Opera, Happiness, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: December 11, 2007
The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music relied on orchestral background and multiple solo opera parts. I slightly remember watching The Sound of Music years ago, and dreaded watching it again. Watching it this time was different as I remember. As I'm beginning to have a basic appreciation for music I really enjoyed it much more. When I really paid attention to the music and the words being sung it told the whole movie. I also think that the fullness of the music also depicts something as well. I believe that just the music could tell the movie without seeing anything at all. It begins with her singing by herself in the mountains The Hills are Filled with Music, which in the end as they are escaping after becoming a musical family, it could be used as a metaphor as the hills were filled with music. Next came the sisters singing how do you deal with Maria, which they sent her off to be with the captain. It was an up and down song as each would take the side of Maria and then the down part was when they were telling her flaws. The first time she was teaching the kids to sing she sang a basic song giving the notes of the music, in just hearing this you could picture someone teaching someone to sing. The Next song was during the thunderstorm, where she sang about being in a happy place and getting away from the thunderstorm. Then they sang greeting the captain's mistress, which was a nice greeting song. Not going on with every song but each song tells a part of the story, and the orchestral background helps with the mood, playing upbeat happy background music while it was going on. I have a theory on the music. The theory is that as the movie goes on the more people that are singing the happier everyone is. Example of this is at the very beginning where Maria is by herself. She is happy but she knows she is missing something in her life. The next song was preformed by four to five nuns, I believe this shows that she makes them happy but at the same time she is not...
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