The Shang Dynasty: The Bronze Age In China

Topics: China, Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang, Qing Dynasty / Pages: 1 (165 words) / Published: Sep 12th, 2017
The Shang Dynasty was known as the Bronze Age in China, because bronze played a very important role when it came to the material culture of the time. Used to make weapons, art, pots, parts of chariots and ritual vessels, bronze was a big part of the people’s everyday lives during the Shang Dynasty. There is some uncertainty to when metal making began in China, but there archaeologists have reason to believe that it started autonomously and there wasn’t an influence from other first civilizations. One of the reasons bronze was used was because of the detail that workers were able to accomplish from using the bronze. Bronzeworkers used a method called piece-molding, where a model is made of the object they want, and then a clay mold is made from

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