The Seriousness of Dui and the Army Regulations That Govern It

Topics: Blood alcohol content, Alcohol law, Drunk driving Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: August 23, 2011
Driving while under the influence is a serious charge and there a several different army regulations that govern it. The primary regulation that governs it is article 112 of the uniformed code of military justice. DUI is a very serious offense, but when faced with a DUI while serving in the military, it means the consequences can and usually are much more severe. If someone who is a member of the armed forces finds him or herself facing a Military DUI charge, there are a number of differences regarding a military DUI compared to a civilian DUI charge. The first difference is that when a person is in the military, their case can be tried in a military court. The military has a different criterion for evaluating the state’s legal blood alcohol level. In a military court, if the blood alcohol limit is lower than the state’s legal limit, it doesn’t necessarily matter. If the military court feels that the blood alcohol level was high enough to impair the ability of the person driving a vehicle, they can still be charged with a military DUI. Intoxicated in the military is defined as the presence in the blood of any amount of alcohol, however small. It is very possible for a military person to be DUI or DWI even if a Breathalyzer or BAT, blood alcohol test, discloses that the blood alcohol concentration is considerably below the state’s legal level. Anyone in the military facing a DUI can expect that it will destroy their military career. The reason being is because a dishonorable discharge usually and often occurs when a military person is arrested for a DUI, and that means a career in the military will probably end. There are times when the relationship of the service person with their commanding officer can have an affect on the end result, but more often than not, an alcohol related arrest bears great consequences. If a person in the military faces a court-martial because of military DUI charges, their good name, along with their military career, benefits and...
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