The Role Reversal for Performance Management

Topics: 360-degree feedback, Performance appraisal, Human resource management Pages: 8 (2597 words) Published: December 23, 2011
Performance management has been the core of human resource management, which is one of the essential activities to achieve enterprise target. But almost all of the enterprises meet some common problems when they carry out the performance management, such as how to design one effective and operational performance index system, how to collect performance information effectively in the process. By the case, we could To create a more effective performance evaluation for the hotel. 1 The existing problems and measures in managing the company 1 .1The existing problems

1.1.1Senior managers do not understand the primary -level employees working environment For most of the managers, who rarely understand basic personnel working environment.For the role reversal, Tisch donned uniforms and worked in six entry-level jobs .After the work he got an honest assessments that a grade of C for his turn as housekeeper. In Miami’s summer heat, the primary-level organizations had to sweat in polyester uniforms. However, it really had a bad effect on their work. What is more, it’s a very embarrassing thing that sweated in inferior clothes for working at a high-class hotel. The staff driving away at work for hours .Such as cleaning rooms, cooking or other tough things. He used more times than the primary-level organizations the time to do because lack of relevant skills. 1.1.2Lacking of communication between managers and junior staff There is the lack of communication between managers and junior staff Communication is the key to success in any relationship. When a lack of communication exists in the organizational setting it has the potential to cause significant problems between management and employees. If this absence of interaction persists in the workplace, matters typically go unaddressed. 1.1.3 Ignoring the importance of the grass-roots staff

"Nobody at floor level ever gets asked their opinion, even though they are the ones dealing directly with the customers and the ones with the real experience of what people need,” says one employee. By this case,we can see managers are not familiar with the daily work for grassroots employees,and Rarely listen to their advice,and they Can't get the attention it deserves and respect. 1.2 The Improvement Measures

1.2.1 Improving junior staff working environment
Improve the staff's working environment can improve employee satisfaction. No one can stand the hot weather in Miami .So give employees the proper tools to do the work, such as the cotton uniforms that replaced the polyester ones.In addition it, we could do many things, for example, providing the superior accommodation environment, the abundant staff meal, the abundant colorful staff activities, and so on. Especially important, to promote staff inside, to promote the hotel grass -roots staff by competition, give the staff encouragement more opportunities. 1.2.2 Enhancing communication managers and junior staff

The bidirectional communication is in the achievements management a important component, also facilitates the important means which the achievements management goal realizes. A definitive way to improve communication between management and employees is for managers to create an open door policy to welcome any thoughts, comments, complaints or suggestions. When employees are encouraged to share feelings, it gives a sense of empowerment where they feel comfortable making contact with their managers to voice their concerns. Establishing an open door policy effectively removes that discomfort. This not only improves communication but also benefits the organization as a whole. So you need to be very close to your people on the field, talking to people, explaining what you do 1.2.3 Emphasizing the importance of junior staff

In hotel management process, managers should be timely and employee communication, understanding the needs of employees, and timely solve the difficulties faced by employees. To do so, can make...
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