The Role of Technology in My Life

Topics: Innovation, Industrial Revolution, Personal computer Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Technology is a term with origins in the Greek "techno logia", "τεχνολογία" — "techne", "τέχνη" ("craft") and "logia", "λογία" ("saying") . Technology has been always our part of life. It cannot be denied its factor, function, and advantages that provide us to live much more easily. It also has affected societies. It sometimes would decrease efficiency and productivity, but it is not always like that. Technology would make life a lot easier for us to live. The brief history of modern technology began with the innovations. In 18th and 19th century are called Industrial Revolution. In this period textile manufacture, metallurgy, mining, steam power, chemicals, machine tools, gas lighting, and agriculture advanced. After Industrial Revolution, Electric and Electronic Age appeared. Most likely this was the age of computer and Nuclear Power. Computer really advanced in that time. After 1973, technology developed from the point of view of knowledge. The first international fax, the first personal computer by Apple Computer, the first cellular telephone system invented, and Intel’s Pentium microprocessor enabled personal computers to run thousands of programs Mosaic, Netscape created its Navigator Software for browsing the Internet, so on and so forth. As it is known, technological change brings about social change. Technological innovations and developments cause more or less far reaching changes of individual and social life. The Industrial Revolution caused many people leave their lands. Children were sent to the factories in order to have enough money for their families to lead a proper life. The peasant class worked really hard in bad conditions, even they had no security. Advances in technology are generally not equitably shared within society. It leads to significant social economic division. And nowadays, one of the big and very important problems is infringement of knowledge and private life. Using technology causes both negative and positive...
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