The Role of Internal Marketing and E-Marketing in Attaining Customer Satisfaction in the Educational Industry

Topics: Employment, Motivation, Management Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: July 16, 2013
The Role of Internal Marketing and E-marketing in attaining Customer Satisfaction in the Educational Industry A case study: New Century School/Private Schools Sector
Traditionally, customer satisfaction has been viewed as the primary antecedent to loyalty given the link between satisfaction, repeated purchase, positive recommendation, and profitability. However, satisfaction as a measure of the strength of the customer–brand relationship has been criticized as too cognitive in nature, measuring only a rational assessment of past experience. Prior research has tended to focus on the investigation of individual relational variables and their effect on loyalty. But what might such relational variables be? Here comes the role of internal marketing.

Organization (Aims and Goals)

Consumers (Satisfaction) Employees (Internal Environment) Employees are one of the main factors determining the quality of goods and services in organizations. Organizations perform their activities and reach their targets through the personnel they’ve employed. Therefore, employers are the most significant factor in the efficiency of an organization. Morale and motivations of the employers are as important as their level of education.Work environment in which people conduct their activities has a direct effect on work efficiency and performance of employees. Physical and social conditions of workplace are the principal factors determining their motivation in their work.

An enthusiastic work activity by the employee results in job satisfaction. It is thought that job satisfaction is a factor determining the behavior of employees toward their work. It is related to whether the expectations of the employees about their work are fulfilled and to how they feel about their work. Higher levels of job satisfaction by employees of an...
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