The Role Of Hollywood Television In The Mid-1950's

Topics: Film, Television, United States, World War II, Television program, Movie theater / Pages: 1 (173 words) / Published: Apr 15th, 2016
ABC President, Leonard Goldenson was responsible for inaugurating what was then derisively called “Hollywood television” in the mid-1950s. Major studios like Paramount showed interest in TV industry. Studios mainly offered two types of products to TV: their libraries of existing feature films and the original series programmes or telefilms. In Hollywood the calculations of the studios regarding television as a market were affected by the series of consent orders which separated producers and distributors from their theatres. First of the decrees signed in 1948 and the divorcement was not completed until 1959 and the still-integrated major studios looks at television from the point of view of exhibitors and producers through much of the

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