The Role of Company Culture in Innovation Creation Process

Topics: Human resources, Innovation, Human resource management Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The role of company culture in innovation creation process
Where company starts? Is it certain story behind innovative products? Is it the big BOSS in oval cabinet? I guess not – company starts with entrance. What’s the entrance is? Of course – the most evil department in any company: Human resources (further in text used as HR). First decision done by them is to ask candidate to come for screening and then pass over to team or department managers.

In theory HR is responsible for balanced team creation and work process support to managers running the business. The human resource department plays an important role in the innovative process since they are responsible for the recruitment of the right people for the job while creating the ideal mix of skills. By using for example the Myers-Briggs type indicator test, the HR department is able to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. Together with the Belbin team role inventory, which differentiates 9 different types of roles, an ideal mix of employees can be formed. Another task of the HR department is the training of employees since this is one of the key success factors in employee driven innovation. By implementing innovation and creativity training programs, the skills and performance of the employees are increased. (1) The success of a project will depend on the human resource practices of the company and needs to be superior to the competition. Furthermore, they have to play a role in new service developments, they need to be part of the strategic business planning and they have to be able to change according to market needs. This will make it difficult to copy, along with the fact that valuable staff members will be attracted, making the employees a competitive advantage rather than a cost factor. Whenever employee entered the company – he appear in different world as previously. There are other approaches to do business, other processes and other mind set...
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