The Role of Civil Society Organizations in the Democratisation Process in Botswana

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What services are included in Family-Based?

The Family-Based Program is a comprehensive service that can reduce or eliminate the need for additional outside services such as crisis intervention, individual/family therapy, or case management.

Family-Based services are team delivered. The team provides a variety of treatment strategies including cognitive-behavior therapy, play therapy, recreational therapy, and family therapy. In addition to the services listed below, the treatment team can also help children and their families acquire skills such as positive parenting, assertiveness, anger management, communication, sensitivity training, and coping skills.

Services offered include:
* Crisis Intervention: A treatment team works with the family to design and implement a crisis/safety plan and, since at least one of the team members will be on-call at all times, families will have constant, direct access to their team; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. * Case Management: The treatment team serves as the family’s case manager. As such, the treatment team’s responsibilities include assessment, planning, service linkage, advocacy, procuring goods and services, and referrals. * Therapeutic Intervention: The program’s clinical model is based on structural family therapy theory and practice. Our mental health professionals are required to attend a three-year training program in this model and, they receive continual clinical supervision and consultation. * Family Support Services: Family support services are activities that family members and staff engage in for the purpose of strengthening and supporting the family system. The activities aim to help the family meet basic needs and to provide opportunities and resources for skill development, respite, learning, and advocacy. Funds are available for family assistance. * Advocacy: Unity Family Services as a program will act as an advocate and will provide consultation and assistance to Intermediate...
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