The Role Of A Database Management System In An E-Business Information System Case Study

Pages: 5 (1178 words) Published: December 21, 2014

1) What is the role of a database management system in an e-business information system?
A DBMS (Database management system) is used to create, maintain and store information about anything according to your need and enter data , manipulate data and retrieve the data from its table according to your need. Business database helps to organize its data and its track from customer, supplier etc and made its efficient to store its information and apply security on it. it can hold product information and update it time to time includes its all information related to products. It also shows and hold the customer information their names, contact numbers etc. For business customer,who had their own business while we are the supplier of them hold its...

This trend will continue to grow as technology improvements are made to appliances, which use wireless technology. For example, we now have wireless keyboards and wireless mice. We have experiences a tremendous increase in the use of cellular and PCS telephone and pager systems. This technology is used to support mobile phone service, mobile voice and data communications. Wireless technology is also being used to connect local area networks through the use of radio and infrared transmissions. As more people experience the mobility that wireless appliances offer, and as they work situations require access to information and data form anywhere, wireless technology will definitely affect the business use of the Internet and the...

• Mid level managment is totally involved in it.
• Proper management are implemented and closely monitered.
• Exellent Project manangement techniques are used.
11) What challenges do you see for a company that wants to implement collaborative SCM systems?

Ans) Main reasons of the failure of SCM systems is that the planning, selection, and implementation of SCM.SCM solutions is becoming even more complex as the pace of technological change accelerates and the number of company’s partners increases.

12) Do the e-commerce success factors discussed in the Lecture 08 guarantee success for an e-commerce business venture?
Ans) Yes! Success factor disscused in Lecture but it do not guarentee to success E-Commerce business venture. Important is the company or organization is to up to date its website accordingly to its products,rates, marketing,deals etc and make it simple and easy because if customer donot understand easily its changes its mind and neglect yourwebsite.

13) Is the form and use of information and decision support in e-business changing and...
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