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ITECH7606 Electronic Commerce Management

Tutorial 2: Fundamentals of e-Commerce & e-Business

Continuing with your running case study

Students have been assigned an industry that will be used in the individual assignment for this unit. For your running case study for this course, you have selected one organisation from your assigned industry to focus on. Each week, your tutorial will consist of a further exploration into this organisation’s e-Business and e-Commerce implementation and how it impacts on their business. This week our focus is on:

1. Complete last week's questions if you have not already finished.

2. How has the use or potential use of e-commerce in your organisation impacted business relationships in a general sense?

3. What business model is in use within your organisation?

4. What online marketplace analysis is in use within your?

5. Which revenue models are in use within your organisation?

Important web sites in this week is
Forrester research:
Online dictionary and encyclopaedia: and

When you read the textbook or lecture notes/slides of this chapter, please pay attention to the questions in the following:

Self-assessment questions:

2. Explain the concepts of disintermediation and reintermediation with reference to a particular industry, what are the implications for a company operating in this industry? 5. e-business involves re-evaluating value chain activities. What types of changes can be introduced to the value chain through e-business/

Essay and discussion questions
1. Disintermediation and reintermediation occur simultaneously within any given market: Discuss. Examination Questions
1. Explain disintermediation and reintermediation using examples 2. Describe 3 different revenue models for a portal such as Facebook and 3. What is meant by buy-side, sell-side and...
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