The Rodeo: A Summary

Topics: Cattle, Rodeo, Equestrianism Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: June 25, 2013
If you want me to give you only a word to summarize the rodeo, I will definitely say: wild. A wild bull, an arena, a group of enthusiastic fans and a crazy rider, these things make up the wild sport: rodeo. Many people in china think it’s a kind of crazy thing to ride on a wild bull and fight against it. Some people think it’s cruel to treat animals like that, but as a matter of fact, I think it’s acceptable. I have watched some video clips about rodeo on my class. It gives me a strong emotion of passion and determination. It also gives me a great impact in my mind.

The rodeo show includes animal riding, animal lassoing and wrestling. Lassoing the bulls is a kind of skill but not a sporting event in the past. Nowadays, bull riding and lassoing becomes a kind of special sporting event. The competitors are called cowboys or cowgirls. In the past, cowboys usually get their cows together and lead them to a certain place to get brands or sold them. After the work was done, the cowboys would like to hold a bull riding competition in order to celebrate. In 1936, rodeo has finally become an organized sporting event and the rodeo association was founded by the competitors. The national rodeo association was founded in 1955 and four years later, they hold their first national finals. The association holds over 1,000 matches every year and the winners will get a sum of money as a reward. The competition includes men’s event and women’s event and each of them is individual. The men’s event including five parts: wild horse riding with saddles, wild horse riding without saddles, wild bull riding, bull tumbling and calf lassoing. The women’s event also includes five parts: goat lassoing, calf lassoing and other three special forms of speed and skill competitions. Here I would like to show you some detail information about men’s event. The men’s wild horse riding with saddles requires the competitor to control the horse by using his rein and he must stay on that horse’s back...
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