The Revolution

Topics: Writing, 1966, 1962 Pages: 5 (1431 words) Published: July 29, 2013
HIST 1302, U.S. History since 1877 - Web
W.G. Morris, Ph.D., Henry Professor of History
Summer II, 2013 (July 11-August 16)
432-685-6810 / FAX 432-685-6845 / e-mail:

This course is a survey of United States history since 1877 - it is a fast and fascinating story. I hope that you learn a lot and enjoy yourself. For a look at the course content see the Overview which is in Content.

The study of history centers on three broad goals - the development of: * a sense of chronology (expressed as chronological order) * a sense of significance (what makes one event or trend more important than another) * a sense of change in social institutions over time

After successfully completing this course you should be able to discuss, in writing, the development of the United States since 1877. This is a textbook structured class - you are not to do internet research for the essay assignments. It is also not self-paced, there are specific due dates.

Goldfield, et al., The American Journey, combined vol., 6th ed.; ISBN: 10: 1-256- 16458-5 or 13: 978-256-16458-6
Fernlund, Documents for America’s History, 7th ed. Vol. 1; ISBN: 978-1-4576- 0759-2
The MC Blackboard site contains information on how to obtain the texts from the Midland College Bookstore. Both books are custom published and are available only from the MC Bookstore or from the publisher’s web site. They will be tested. Be sure that you get the correct volumes because assignments are specific.

"How do I do this class?" I’m sure that is the biggest question that you have: Well ... most importantly, you must treat this class seriously - you must read and study regularly - at least three to four hours per day. The only difference between this class and a traditional face-to-face class is that there are no class meetings. That function is in the form of Announcements, the Overview and several documents in the Content area. The Overview contains my thoughts on the major themes of the course. If you have questions, the best approach is an email to me. The only dumb question is the one not asked. Check the Announcements area regularly for new and changing information.

There are 5 1/2 weeks or 40 days, including weekends and holidays (because, after all, you read on your own time) in the course before finals, and 16 chapters in the Goldfield text and almost 500 pages in the Fernlund book, so you should read every day. To earn a high grade in this class you will need to devote three to four hours per day to reading and study. For specific details see the class schedule which is below. Try to have the reading done before the written assignment "posts" or "opens." When the assignment is posted, read it carefully and get clarification if necessary - email me. Your commitment and dedication are essential for your success. Speed and accuracy of communication is essential. If the Web, or either your or my computer goes down, contact me at once.

The recommended way to read any text is to:
* carefully read the introduction to a chapter;
* survey the chapter, noting the topics and sub topics and graphic material; * read the conclusion carefully;
* study and know the list of "Key Terms" at the end of each chapter; * and finally "read" the chapter, getting the "big picture," but with supporting detail.

If you have the reading done before I post the written assignment, you will have time to think about what you write, rather than trying to find the information in the books. Be sure to submit your essay by the deadline and in the format required. You must use Word or Word Perfect because other programs will not open.

We will communicate ONLY by email. Please send all communications to me at my email address ( - do not send assignments or any other communications in any other way because I will not get them.

This course will be conducted entirely in writing. You are expected to be able to...
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