The Reporting of Human Resource Accounting

Topics: Net present value, Balance sheet, Labor theory of value Pages: 25 (8658 words) Published: March 1, 2010
Indeed, accountancy profession is a profession that encompasses other profession and that is why accounting has usually been thought of as highly technical field that can only be understood by the professionals (chartered accountants). Also, it has often been called ‘the language of business. Even, people in the business world owners, managers, banks, stockbrokers, investors, human resource managers, lawyers, to mention a few all uses accounting terms and concepts to describe their resources and the activity of every business they engage in whether large or small. While, according to the dictionary of management by Daniel Hartzell ‘Human Resource Accounting’ is defined as a concept that views the employees of an organization as capital assets like plant and equipment. It is important to say here that human resources accounting involves measuring the costs incurred by business organizations and other entities to recruit, train, develop and maintain their human capital. It also involves measuring the economic value of people to organization. These people consist of suppliers, customers and the society as a whole. It is not an overstatement to say that we are living in an era of accounting and as such human resources accounting must not be seen as an ordinary concept in the field of accounting but as a current trend that has come to stay. However, in this study, focus shall be placed on human resources accounting and how it will be reported in the financial statement, which also mean the capitalization of human resources as an asset which can be amortized. Although, the worth of human resources may be fairly difficult to quantify, hence there is no reason to value them at zero or not to record them in the financial statement as an asset. If the change in the value of money are accounted for, depreciation and maintenance of plants and machinery are also accounted for different adjustments are made in material, machinery and other asset therefore, inclusion in the financial statement, human aspect which form about seventy-five percent or more of the total asset that makes up the production in the organizations are only accounted for in terms of salary and wages. Leaving such information out of financial statement presents only twenty-five or less percentage of the cost of production. Based on this, such financial statement does not provide total information for decision making. 1.2 STATEMENT OF* THE* PROBLEM

While the concept ‘human resources accounting’ is intuitively attractive, the significant problems it poses will not be swept under the carpet. For the purpose of this research the following problems are areas we to proffer solution to: The possible ways of measuring the monetary worth of an individual in an organization. The treatment of human resources as an asset to be amortized overtime in the financial statement. How to estimate the effect of managerial action to employee moral, productivity and turnover. To furnish a more complete and realistic picture of the organization financial strength and the total contribution to the economy in general. {text:list-item}

The aim of this study is to evaluate human resources accounting and treatment in financial statement. It is pertinent to note that objectives are identifies into two divisions; the general or broad objectives and the specific objectives. Bearing in mind the problem this study hope to provide a solution to, the general objective is to achieve a creation of idea to be employed by a further researcher for the formulation of any technique, for the monetary value of human resources and the specific objectives is the preparation of a more complete financial statement given the monetary value. {text:list-item} Employees as individual are not usually accounted for rather the value of their output is accounted for and the rate of...
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