The Relationship Between Food and Sickness

Topics: Classical conditioning, Behaviorism, Operant conditioning Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: December 5, 2012
The Relationship Between Food and Sickness

November 14, 2012

The Relationship between food and sickness
There are various learning theories proposed by various people on the types of learning behavior. The main learning techniques of learning theories are classical, operant, and cognitive social learning. Classical conditioning is the learning in which a neutral stimulus creates a response after it is paired with a stimulus that naturally brings about that response (Feldman, 2010). Operant conditioning is the specific form of learning that takes place through rewards as well as punishments. It was proposed by Skinner (Corey, 2008). Cognitive social learning is defined as the theory that focuses on thought processes that underlie learning (Feldman, 2010). There are various similarities between the operant, classical, and cognitive social learning. Classical conditioning and operant conditioning are both considered to be learning through acquisition. Similarly, operant conditioning and cognitive social learning are also similar because both types of learning focus on objects doing or not doing specific acts. Classical and operant are subject to stimulus. Operant and cognitive social learning are related to reinforcement. There are many differences between operant, classical, cognitive social learning. Operant conditioning is different from cognitive social learning because operant conditioning is learning in which a voluntary response is increased or decreased while cognitive learning focuses on the thought processes that humans and animals exhibit (Feldman, 2010). Classical conditioning also differs from operant conditioning in the sense that classical conditioning is natural a response while operant conditioning is a voluntary response to stimuli. Last summer Jack went on a vacation trip to California to visit some relatives. While Jack was there visiting his aunt and her family they went to a sushi restaurant. Jack had never...

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