The Reflection of the Story Cathedral

Topics: Blindness, The Blind, Talk radio Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: June 21, 2011
The Reflection of The Story Cathedral
Geniel Arnold
Introduction to Literature
Wanda Deffenbough
June 13, 2010

This paper is going to be about the story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver (1981) (as cited in Clugston, 2010, section 8.3). This story is about two men teaching each other to see. The story starts out with the narrator, who is the husband, talking about how a friend of his wife's is coming to visit. He then talks about how she met this friend and when. It was about ten years earlier when she met this friend, when she was with her High School sweetheart. She was trying to find a job and found an ad in the newspaper saying, “HELP WANTED—Reading to Blind Man.” (as cited in Clugston, 2010, section 8.3, para. 2) After calling the number and having an interview, she was hired on the spot. She worked for him all summer. On her last day, the blind man, Robert, asked if he could touch her face, and she let him. She ended up writing a poem about this, which she later let her husband read. The story continued on about how the couple moved around a lot because he was in the Air Force, and how she still kept in contact with Robert. They would make videos to send each other talking about what was going on with them. They did this for years. Then one day she was feeling depressed and lonely, so she ended up taking all the pills that were in the medicine cabinet with some alcohol. She then got into the bath tub and passed out. “ But instead of dying, she got sick. She threw up.” Her husband came home to find her and called the ambulance. Through time, she got better, separated from her husband which then ended in divorce, met her new husband, the narrator, got married, and made tapes about everything for Robert. Then one evening while the wife was trying to cook, the husband, the narrator, and the wife sat down so she could tell him more about the Robert. She told him about how Robert met his wife, and the small wedding they had. She then told him how they...

References: Clugston, R. W. (2010). Journey into literature. San Diego, California: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
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