The Puritan Influence

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Puritans were able to greatly influence the New England colonies from 1630 through the 1660’s economically, politically, and socially. Puritans were groups that were seeking a more pure form of Protestantism apart from the Anglican Church. They came to the New world in search of religious freedom and were a prominent group in the New England colonies. Though the Puritans could be seen as a less influential group then some of the others of the period, that would be a mistake as they were certainly the most important. This can be seen on their major effects on the social, political, and economic policies of the time in the New England colonies.

Before the Puritans prominences in the New World the Pilgrims were there they were able carved out the area of the New England colony from the territory of local native tribes. The natives were exterminated if they couldn’t be enslaved and their lands were stripped from them. This in turn caused great tension between the colonists and natives. It wasn’t until a little bit before 1630 that the English settlers even had a chance to settle in the New World though, prior it was monopolized largely by Spain and to less of an extent Portugal.

The Puritans political affect on the New England colony can be seen through the use of document c and document G, its clear that in this document that the Puritans religious values rubbed off on their political structure. It showed how going against the church was an offense to be punishable, and that an imposed religious code was mandatory not just guidelines. Our modern day version of America as a place of religious freedom in shown to be false here as it shows other religions in fact were not tolerated. In document D it’s seen that to justify the killing of natives and stripping them of their lands the Puritans would say they were “cleansing the world of blasphemous enemies”. This shows that they used their ideals to spread their political power and territory. In Document H it...
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