The Psychology of Attraction

Pages: 3 (1186 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Response Paper 2
Migle Rakauskaite
Julija Gaiduk
PSY 122 Introduction to Psychology


Have you ever though why do we tend to like others more or what is the real reason why we have chosen particular person to love or be friends with? According to our book the answer is all about attraction. Attraction could be defined like the combination of other smaller details, like physical attractiveness, similarity or proximity. These factors are known to affect our liking for one another. Proximity-geographic nearness- is conducive to attraction, partly because mere exposure to novel stimuli enhances liking. Physical attractiveness influences social opportunities and the way one is perceived. As acquaintanceship moves toward friendship, similarity of attitudes and interests greatly increases liking. (All definitions reference are to the class text, Myers, G. David, Exploring Psychology 6th edition in modules, 2005, p. 633). (Myers, 2005) Moreover, if we would look in our daily lives we would definitely see that this theory is absolute true, people tend to like each other mostly because of these factors. To begin with, proximity or in other words geographic nearness, have huge part in attractiveness. “Study after study reveals that people are most likely to like, and even marry, those who live in the same neighborhood, who sit nearby in class, who works in the same office, who share the same parking lot.” (Myers, 2005) As our book states, the reason why proximity is so conductive to liking first is greater availability of those we often meet, but there is another part, much more important one- so called-mere exposure effect. “Within certain limits, familiarity breeds fondness.” (Myers, 2005) In general the idea is that we tend to like and feel attractiveness for the one’s we see the most often. Considering my own and my relative’s examples it seems to be more than true. For...

References: Myers, D.G. (2005). Psychology, Modules 43,44 and 45 (6th ed.). New York: Worth Publishers.
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