The Professor Is a Dropout

Topics: Education, Family, College Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: January 11, 2013
The professor dropout is about the life of Guadalupe Quintanilla her challenges and success. It start with her early childhood living with her grandparent in Mexico she was a dropout kid from first grade after being labeled as a retarded she stays home to help her grandfather run his business and help around the house meanwhile she was tutored by her grandfather . thing change after her grandfather got blind the family moved to Texas for better healthcare in the same time Lupe was enroll at school again she was giving the retarded label after taking an IQ test in English an alien language for her and put with six year old kids where she end up being a helper and got humiliated in the process first by the classmate and finally the teacher after an unfortunate incident she toke the decision to stay home for good which was not oppose by her grandparent. Reading was lupe greatest passion and her grandfather solar in his blindness they enjoy all kind of reading from classic to newspaper allowing her to build a reading skill that will help her later. She had her dream of being a housewife for a traditional family early in life she was content with it until her kids went to school and got labeled as slow learner it was the breaking point for her refusing the stigma without a fight was not an option she did what no Hispanic dare to do went to school and talk to the teachers who stick with there opinion of her kids mental capacity until one of them give a sound advise “the kids need to speak English at home “she toke the advice at heart from there went looking for adult English classes in ( high school, hospital, telephone company, college) without success until she meet a Hispanic student who point out the registrar’s car after showing up the later was impress with her persistent he gifted her with unexpected deal she toke it without hesitation a full time college student. Starting college was not a walk in the park experience it was a night mare juggling a...
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