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Topics: Individual, Christopher Nolan, Person Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Freedom is a subject repeated in everyday life. It can be represented in many forms because it is a crucial defiance between happiness and agony. For some the idea of being trapped is the worst thing imaginable. This is why some people choose to respect their freedom through a lack of sacrifice. It is up to the individual to decide if their freedom is worth sacrificing. In the movie The Prestige, Christopher Nolan proves that to create true illusion an individual must make sacrifices that impact themselves and others around them. Sacrifice is an essential quality to have when a person wants to achieve success in any subject, however sometimes sacrifice can have different outcomes and effects on the individual and the people around them. The character Alfred Borden clearly displays the power and importance of sacrifice in an illusion because of his devoted obsession with secrets and illusion. The quote “Total Sacrifice” is Borden identifying with the Chinese magician because he knows what it is like to hide true identity and live as the illusion. The two Borden’s commit to illusion by planning to act as one person, this commitment sacrifices both their individuality and independence. While being one person the Borden’s must adapt to a difficult lifestyle where they both compromise their individual thoughts and feelings, this leads to the reasoning why there is identifiable traits between each of the Borden’s. The movie suggests that Borden has a traits from both of the Borden’s but from a different perspective the idea arises that Borden is a complete act and has no similarities to either of the Borden’s. Both of the ideas that explain Borden’s identity have valid evidence that repeats throughout the movie. The symbol of Borden’s lost fingers proposes that Borden is just a character being played by two separate individuals because of the insignificance of cutting off fingers to play the role. The fingers prove that Borden is just a character but it took a large...
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