The Power of Social Media

Topics: Social network aggregation, Rhetoric, Sociology Pages: 4 (1465 words) Published: January 31, 2012
Critical Analysis of the Power of Social Media

Critical Thinking for Foundation Skills for Graduate Management

Date submitted: November 29, 2011

Social media is not a new concept to our society, it has been effect from the 1950’s commencing with the phone era but has only recently been mainstreamed into our culture and business world. The late 1960s saw the existence of the internet as a network but the World Wide Web officially developed in 1991. The first social network was recognized in 1997 and increased in popularity around 2002-3 thus breeding a new technology age and culture. With the increasing and some would state ‘alarming’ rise of social media (network), it has cultivated an age in the 20th century where news and information is reported at the click of the button. Information is easily accessible and shared around the globe and individuals and groups use social networks to broadcast their views, opinions, statements on any information that is at their disposal. In recent times this has been caused for concern in various countries as through the use of these social networks individuals have planned uprisings and disturbances or have spread serious propaganda or public condemnation of individuals within society; some countries have curtailed the use of social media completely while others have sought to limit its use within their country. These concerns have led to the kairotic moment for Golding’s article where he looks at the negative impact and influences that social media has on our society. He addresses cultural trends such as the fact that the phenomena of social media is “challenging many norms and its current and future impact is and will be profound on all aspects of life.”

The genre of the argument takes the approach of an op-ed piece and was published in The Gleaner on September 25, 2011. Paul Golding gives his take on how social media has transformed the information and technology era and is effectively superseding...

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