The Positive Impact of Computers on Commerce

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The Positive Impact of Computers on Commerce
By Kristopher Fiecke, eHow Contributor , last updated April 17, 2012 *
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The ever-evolving computer has changed how people conduct business. The computer has evolved over time into an essential tool for most businesses. Whether it's a small business or a multinational corporation with offices in a variety of locations around the globe, the computer has become an integral part of how most people manage their business. Computers have taken tasks that many people spent a vast majority of their time on and simplified them to help businesses run more efficiently. The computer has revolutionized how people from all walks of life conduct their business. Other People Are Reading

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* The evolution of the computer has really benefited consumers when it comes to pricing. Retailers now have to compete with other retail outlets all over the world to maintain competitive prices, thanks to the prevalence of the Internet. Stores in certain regions no longer are able to hold local shoppers hostage by charging higher prices because they are the only store in town. Consumers simply have to do a quick search on the Internet to determine if they will be able to have a product shipped to their home for a comparable or lower price. Faster Checkout

* Computers also have impacted commerce positively by allowing consumers in retail outlets to complete their purchases quicker. No longer does a cashier have to punch in a series of numbers into a cash register, the cashier simply has to scan a barcode, which tells the computer how much the product costs. The results of the purchase are displayed for the consumer to see. This lets the consumer prepare to finalize the transaction by counting out their money, writing a check or taking out their credit card. Computers still have problems like crashes and network errors, but overall, the checkout experience is much faster due to the impact of computers. * Sponsored Links

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More Detailed Inventory Records
* Computers also have had a positive impact on commerce by allowing stores to maintain more accurate inventory control systems. An associate in a retail outlet doesn't have to head back into a stockroom to determine if a product that isn't on the shelves is in the stock room waiting to be brought out onto the floor. The associate simply has to enter the item's bar code into a computer and the computer's inventory list will tell the associate the quantity of the product in the store's stockroom. If the store is out of a product, they can easily hook into another store in a different location and let the consumer know if the product is in stock at that location. More Efficient Filing Systems

* Computers have made the filing systems of businesses more efficient. The days of keeping a customer's purchase or service records in a manila folder stuffed with papers are long gone. Businesses can do a simple search of their client and find out the last time they came in for a particular service or the last purchase they made and how much they spent or how often they frequent the business.

The department store's twin characteristics of a wide range of merchandise and a high level of customer service compel it to react quickly to a constantly changing and a more sophisticated customer base. The customer also looks for service - credit, delivery, and after sales. Originally computers were used in department stores only for payroll and purchase ledger. Now the objective is to run the entire trading operation round an integrated computer system. It is...
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