The Porpuse of Jails

Topics: Prison, Corrections, Criminal justice Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: April 11, 2009
The purpose of jails in society is to protect innocent citizens, to protect the innocent to make sure people who break the law have a punishment and at the same time set an example so people don’t break the law again. Many observers see this negligence as having far-reaching consequences for criminal justice. Jail is often the first contact that citizens have with the corrections system. It is at this point that treatment and counseling have the best chance to deter future criminal behavior. Until the eighteen century, all penal institutions existed primarily to hold those charged with a crime until their trials. Although jails still serve this purpose, they have evolved to play a number of different roles in the corrections system. According to sociologist John Irvin, the unofficial purpose of jail is to manage society “rabble,” so-called because they are not well integrated into conventional society, they are not members of conventional social organizations, they have few ties to conventional social networks, and they are carriers of unconventional values and beliefs. The development of jails can be traced to England. The term jail comes from English term gaol, which can be traced back to the year 1166. When King Henry the second, establish a place to secure offenders until the next appearance of the kings court. One of the first jail founded in America was in Virginia and was establish in the early part of the 17th century. The importance of jails within the criminal-justice is growing. Jails act as the entry point of the system. All those convicted of a crime and sentenced to time in prison pass through the local jails doors. I think the current jail system is not effective at all because it fail to rehabilitate the people they should implement more rules I know that some jails have different programs for the inmates but is not enough most of the people when they get out they go back to do the same or even worst things so that is an example to why the jail...
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