The Poetry of John Donne Presents Unexpected Perspectives on the Human Experience

Topics: Poetry, John Donne, Love Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: November 15, 2012
TOPIC: “The poetry of John Donne presents unexpected perspectives on human experience.” Discuss with reference to at least three poems. The use of unorthodox poetic imagery conveys equally unconventional notions of the human experience in Donne’s poetry. Through static images and exaggerated similes, satirical or humorous effects are expressed as each poem provides an insight into divergent facets of human existence. Established ideas are challenged by largely innocuous lines of reasoning, as Donne employs spurious syllogisms to highlight the transcendental nature of religious faith and physical love, the meaningless nature of virginity and the notion of death as a transitory stage between the physical world and “paradise”. In his portrayal of the deep romantic love, Donne also develops the humanist notion of physical love as a microcosm, in which all the affairs of the external world, indeed even the Sun become meaningless. Conversely, the nature of conquest and discovery also become significant metaphors for love. Through the use of unusual symbols and motifs, Donne presents perspectives on humanity that challenge accepted norms. [How very metaphysical.] The notion of love is presented as both a sensory experience of the body and a religious understanding of the soul, a distinction represented through the Aristotelian delineation between the worldly imperfection of the sublunary and the binary opposite perfection of the transcendental, that marks the inherent conflict between the physical and the spiritual. Indeed, the force of physical love and sexual desire, for Donne, is innately subordinate to divine love, or spiritual beauty. A Valediction Forbidding Mourning, along with The Sun Rising, identifies this binary opposition between the banal, sublunary love of existence and the sacred love of the speakers. However, contrary to this reverence, the speaker in To His Mistress Going to Bed, claims that his love for a woman, as she undresses, surpasses all Biblical...
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