John Donne and W; T Comparative Essay

Topics: John Donne, Death, Wit Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: June 22, 2013
A text is essentially a product of its context, as its prevailing values are inherently derived by the author from society. However, the emergence of post-modern theories allows for audience interpretation, thus it must be recognised that meaning in texts can be shaped and reshaped. Significantly, this may occur as connections between texts are explored. These notions are reflected in the compostion of Edson’s W;t and Donne’s poetry as their relationship is established through intertextual references, corresponding values and ideas and the use of language features. Edson particularly portrays key values surrounding the notions of the importance of loved based relationships, and death and resurrection: central themes of Donne’s Holy Sonnets and Divine Poems. The purpose of these authors distinctly correlate as each has attempted to provide fresh insight into the human condition by challenging prevalent ideals. Thus, Edson incorporates Donne’s work to illuminate both explicit and implicit themes, creating an undeniable condition. Prior to John Donne's Judeo Christian conversion he believed that life was only fulfilling if shared with another individual. He conveyed in his pre-conversion poems and stressed the power and importance of love to a person's well being and existence. Donne contrives the idea that love must not be a "Dull Sublunary lover's love", rather a relationship where "two souls...are one," a love, he explores his conceit, so strong it can stretch "like gold to aery thinness". His geometrical conceit explains that relationships "Shine here to us, and thou art everywhere; This bed thy centre is, these walls, thy sphere." During the 17th century everything revolved around the sun, saying that lovers went against it was seen as going against the, thus showing how vital relationships are to human existence. The medium of a play allows us to a different view on how important love is one life's, and what is to be lost with its absence Donne's values...
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