The Piano

Topics: Piano, Symbol, Jane Campion Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: September 2, 2013
The Piano
In order to motivate or persuade an audience to take action, a text must appeal to the ears as much as to the eyes. Throughout the film called “The Piano”, directed by Jane Campion, Symbolisms and the use of Sounds are applied to the film to influence the audience to understand the film more.

Symbolism is an exceptionally important and significant part of film as it brings insight, foreshadowing and introduces key themes. In the film, symbolisms are used effectively and purposefully to bring these things into the film. Ada’s piano is used by Campion as her alto ego and a symbol for her expression, and Ada’s costume is used as a symbol of society.

Jane Campion uses Ada’s piano as a symbol for Ada’s expression and allows us to see her passion and emotion when she plays it. The film opens with a narrative voice-over by Ada, accompanied by her expressive piano playing. We quickly understand that the piano is not only an instrument prop, source music, but also a metaphorical prop, in the form it assumes of Ada’s voice. Throughout the entire film, Campion shows Ada cleverly uses the piano to express herself, leaving no doubt to the viewers as to her mental or emotional state. When the piano is played, it releases Ada’s imprisoned passion, her way of self-expression and freedom. The piano acts as her outlet and communication and so is extremely important to her. At the beginning of the film we see how Ada stops playing her piano as soon as someone else comes into the room. This allows us to see how important and personal the piano is to her and symbolizes her in that it reflects her thoughts and feelings when she plays it. We see this reflected in her piano when it is left on the beach by Stewart. The Piano is also a metaphor for not only Ada’s but others emotions. When it is not played it cannot “speak”. As it sits on the beach at the beginning of the film, nothing more than a piece of baggage. When Ada comes to New Zealand she is isolated and alone...
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