The Path

Topics: High school, Middle school / Pages: 5 (1054 words) / Published: Dec 10th, 2012
Since I was a little child I loved sitting in front of the TV, with my sandwich and ice tea, and just flip threw channels to any interesting sporting event that was on at the moment, from baseball to swimming I would just sit there and watch these men talk about sports and it seemed as if they enjoyed it. As the years went by I watched the people on ESPN every night. I said to my self, “I could talk about sports and get paid for it”. Right then and there I decided what I wanted to be, and what I wanted to become. I went from the little child with the Yankee cap on his head to a grown man who could sit at a bar and talk about sports for hours and make sense. This brings me to my question how does one know what career is right for one?
We seem to think that choosing the right career is an easy task. As a elementary student we are taught to set goals that predefine what we will be when we grow up. Those careers appeared to be very promising at that time. By the time we reach middle school not only have those goals changed but they are now completely opposite of the career path chosen in elementary school. At the high school level after having experienced working in different part-time jobs, we now know what career path we should not choose. Even at college level some still have not decided which career path to take. We all have natural talents, certain tasks that come easy to us. When we use our natural talents, time moves fast and we tend to receive compliments for our abilities. Knowing where your natural talents lie is key to choosing the right career. Of course we’re capable of doing other things, but those other tasks usually feel more like work.
As a child I would say, “ I want to be a police man or a cowboy”, just because it was cool. As I got older I seem to have had certain interest and started to figure out what I wanted to be for the rest of my life, as a young adult this mite be tough on some, but if I wanted to be successful I had to start at a young

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